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Remember when you were a college student? Staying up late? Struggling with a topic? You had a test the next morning.
Where was the help? What did you do?
01b google r 1
First you panicked. Then you Googled.
How did that go? Not well.
Zero context, lots of noise.
02 attention
03a teacher l
Speaking of the professor, where are they in this scenario? They’re juggling dozens of priorities and maybe hundreds of students.
03b teacher r
They’re answering questions from last week, building the next lesson plan, grading papers and advising students. This is a complex job, especially in the minority serving institutions and community colleges where we serve.
04 time
05 twins
What is the solution? Easy…create a “digital twin” of every faculty. With the transformative power of Generative AI, every professor can now create a personalized version of themselves for every student.

How is this different than putting ChatGPT in the classroom? Introducing Pria, an AI solution purpose-built for education by educators.
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Truthfulness and accuracy are foundational in education. Rather than serve up hallucinations and bias, use your own course materials and any other materials you wish to inform Pria. Each faculty gets their own instance. Your students are seeing relevant and targeted data chosen by you. We back that up with 28 (and counting) trusted sources like Google Scholar, Wolfram Alpha and Pubmed. We don’t pull from questionable sources on the internet.

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We recommend personalizing the mentor with a unique name and graphic so your students get a trusted, familiar persona they will respond to. Using prompt engineering, give the mentor a unique personality and conversational style.

Since it’s your own secure instance, your IP is never shared with anyone else. It’s not informing the LLM nor is it exposed to the open internet.

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You have to meet students where they are – in your learning management system. We’re an Instructure partner and we integrate with Canvas and all of the major learning management systems. This allows a seamless learning experience for your students.

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Faculty demands transparency. They want to see what students are doing and have control over the tool. The Faculty Dashboard allows them to see all questions asked and answers given. This helps gain an understanding of where lesson plans may be falling short, concepts that may need clarification and it helps monitor possible plagiarism.

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Security and privacy are at the core of everything we do. Every student is anonymized and no student data is exposed to others for 100% FERPA compliance. It’s also important to note that the large language models never get access to your IP and none of it is used to train any large language models.

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“Hello, my name is Pria. I am an AI-powered virtual mentor programmed to help you with your digital education, research, and career goals. I can answer almost any question, help with coding, query complex scientific literature, dream up images, and share a joke or two.”

“I use natural language processing to understand your questions and machine learning to engage in conversations with you.”

“Let’s discover together.”

Praxis LXP

To fuel your life-changing journey, we have invented an AI-powered Learning Experience Platform called Praxis LXP. This is your own personalized digital classroom for self-paced interactivities, virtual classes, hands-on research, and credentials. All in one place.

The next generation Praxis LXP uses AI and machine learning in several creative ways, including content curation, hands-on labs, scientific workflows, code generation, virtual teaching, experiential assessment, and job mapping.

All you need is a browser and your imagination.


Clemson University

Clemson University: Creating Better Student Outcomes with Canvas LMS and Praxis AI

By integrating the AI teaching assistant Pria (developed by Praxis AI) into Canvas LMS, Clemson University educators can provide 24/7 educational support to students.
Generative AI Foundations Course

Praxis Generative AI Foundations Course

Welcome to the award-winning Generative AI Foundations course from Praxis AI and world renown AI expert Reed Bender. Generative AI is here to stay and is poised to change every corner of our world … this course is where your journey begins.
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Praxis AI selected to participate in global AWS Education Accelerator

Praxis AI today announced it has been selected to participate in the global AWS Education Accelerator, a 10-week immersive experience for global EdTech startups.
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Success Stories

Clemson University Logo

Clemson University, College of Genetics and Biochemistry

Praxis AI has revolutionized science education at several prestigious universities, including Clemson University, Auburn University, Washington State University, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Through the U.S. higher education system, Praxis AI courses, platforms, and labs have delivered and credentialed bioinformatics, plant genomics, and data science skills to over 1,000+ students in the past year.

GSSM Header Logo

Governor’s School of Science and Math (GSSM)

Praxis AI empowers GSSM students to learn AI, data science, programming, and computational biology skills in several online, experiential courses. The SC Governor’s School of Science and Math is one of the top ten high schools in the United States (2022 ranking). Praxis courses are heavily lab-based and include AI curation, AI mentoring, AI labs, digital credentials, collaboration, and an online portfolio for each student via GitLab.

AIHEC Logo Clear 2022 e1678226243384

American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Aseto’ne Virtual Institute

Praxis AI built the Aseto’ne Virtual Institute for indigenous health research and cultural resilience in collaboration with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC). Aseto’ne is a Cheyenne word meaning “growth and taking first steps”. Over a 10-week online program in the Praxis AI platform, tribal college students explore native health research and connect with mentors and each other. Graduates earn valuable digital credentials issued by Praxis AI and AIHEC.

Spaces Learning Logo

Avaya Spaces Learning Powered by Praxis

Built on the Avaya Spaces platform, the Praxis Spaces Learning solution combines asynchronous digital learning (allowing students to view coursework at any time) with synchronous video conferencing and collaboration tools (where students are required to login and participate at a specific time) to create a virtual classroom.



ABA23 Gold Winner

AI Teaching AI to High Schoolers

K-12 Course or Learning Management Solution

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AI Teaching AI to High Schoolers

Achievement in Online Training

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Global Change through AI & Science

Most Innovative Business Podcast

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BioHacking Turmeric BioHackathon

Corporate & Community – Hackathon

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Praxis AI Website – Web Design

Achievement in Web Design

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Praxis AI Website Navigation

Achievement in Navigation/ Structure

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Digital Learning Solutions Strategy

We worked with Praxis AI to help us to develop our digital learning solutions strategy and toolkit in 2020-2021. While working with David James Clarke IV and Dr. Alex Feltus, they put inconsiderable effort in understanding our needs, were creative in their solutions and are professional in their work. They have a skillful way of engaging people, motivating them, and getting their commitment. It is a pleasure to work with a team who continuously strive to offer you the best.

Nesreen Al-Khammash

Programme Manager, Capacity Building
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Bioinformatics Courses

I’ve been using PRAXIS AI with my graduate Biomedical Science students to introduce and apply Bioinformatics methods to their projects, including cancer, infectious disease, and health disparities research. PRAXIS has been a game-changer for our graduate students and has effectively accelerated their coding and informatics analysis skills.

Siddharth Pratap, MS PhD

Associate Professor, Director: Bioinformatics + Proteomics Core 
Department of Microbiology, Immunology, & Physiology
Meharry Medical College | School of Medicine

Cancer Research

I have been working with Dr. Feltus’ group at Clemson since they were kind enough to attend my kidney cancer hackathon in 2018. Their initial work helped link my cancer to thyroid cancer. Their 2020 work allowed me to amplify very small datasets using GAN (“ChatGPT-like”) methods.

Their GAN work has also allowed me to improve the cancer research process itself by treating research teams as ensembles of classifiers.

Finally, and most importantly, they’ve been with me since the very early days of my effort. I look forward to helping them with their latest endeavor: Gamifying research education.

Bill Paseman