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PRIA: Augmented Intelligence in Action

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Meet Pria! An AI-powered virtual mentor programmed to help students, faculty, and researchers with their digital education, research, and career goals. As an A/I-powered virtual teacher, Pria can supplement traditional teaching methods and provide 24×7 support for online instruction, including coding, discovery, image creation, research, etc.

As Pria evolves, she is learning patience and engagement – to behave more human. Rather than providing immediate responses, she asks follow-up questions to better understand goals and context. This evolution helps actualize the idea of “augmented intelligence” (A/I) = an iterative refinement of knowledge where both the human and AI participate.

We have been piloting Pria with several students and institutions throughout the spring. Here is a brief summary of her success:

  • Foundational Knowledge in AI Course: At the Governor’s School for Science and Math, Pria used LLM to help students learn the principles they needed to build their own LLMs. Meta, right?
  • Coding Assistance in Medical Bioinformatics: At Clemson University, Pria assisted medical bioinformatics students conduct research and write code in pursuit of new discoveries in cancer genomics. See “Pria in Action” below.
  • Research Assistance in BioHackathons: In recent BioHackathons at the Praxis Academy, Pria assisted students, faculty, and researchers test their hypotheses against scientific research.
  • Prototype Digital Art for Game Design: Pria tapped into her creative side and helped students build colorful backgrounds, sprites, and graphical artifacts for video game design.

Track Pria’s progress daily on social channels:

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