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Praxis Generative AI Foundations Course

Welcome to the award-winning Generative AI Foundations course from Praxis AI and world renown AI expert Reed Bender. Generative AI is here to stay and is poised to change every corner of our world … this course is where your journey begins.

Students and faculty are guided through a cutting-edge collection of resources, labs, and assessments designed to equip them with the skills and tools necessary to understand both the mathematics underlying machine learning and the revolutionary AI applications being built today.

The online program is available 24x7x365 via any web browser or mobile device and includes four (4) learning paths, twelve (12) lessons, over sixty (60) hours of learning material, and a built-in generative AI mentor named “Pria”. Anybody who completes the program earns an industry-recognized digital credential from Praxis AI and Credly.

  • The first Learning Path gives students the foundational understanding they need to progress in AI development. Students learn statistics, linear algebra, and the data science techniques that are universal tools in Machine Learning. This is the foundation from which all AI technologies emerge.
  • The second Learning Path applies each of these concepts to fundamentals tools in machine learning. Students are led through interactive Python code where they are taught how to perform linear and logistic regression, K-nearest neighbors classification, principal component analysis (PCA), and dimensionality reduction techniques such as autoencoding.
  • The third Learning Path is dedicated to the ideas underlying the more advanced and “deeper” AI systems. Here, students will explore how neural networks are built, gain experience training an image classifier and language model, and learn the fundamentals of model evaluation and fine-tuning.
  • Finally, in the fourth Learning Path, students aggregate all of this knowledge in the context of Large Language Models (LLMs). With the foundational understanding of AI’s core skills, students are prepared to delve into the world of Generative AI with confidence. In the final project, students train their own LLM using the skills and coding expertise developed throughout the course. This equips students and faculty with a deep understanding of the mathematics and theory which underlie groundbreaking tech like ChatGPT-4.

We’re at the dawn of an AI revolution and the skills you gain from the Praxis AI Generative AI Foundations course could set in motion a path to what may be some of the most sought-after careers in tech.