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Rule of 7: Optimal Skilling and Mastery

Digital Credentials

All Praxis AI digital courses follow best-of-class modern instructional design fundamentals and cognitive science. One such advancement is the Rule of 7 published by Carnegie Mellon in early 2023. Bottom Line: optimal skilling and mastery occurs after 7 independent “sessions” with a single objective.

This is the centerpiece of the Praxis AI multi-sensory, experiential learning approach:

  • Videos
  • Articles / Reading Assignments (Human-curated)
  • Hands-on Labs
  • Collaborative Discussion
  • Pria Mentoring
  • Assessment (Skills & Knowledge)
  • Video / Article / Reading Assignment (AI-curated)

Every lesson in every course includes at least 7 multi-sensory sessions. This is a tenet of our award-winning instructional model. In addition, we sprinkle in other advanced learning techniques, including spaced repetition and cognitive encoding. Ask Pria, she will tell you all about them.

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An Astonishing Regularity in Student Learning Rate

Kenneth R. Koedinger, Paulo F. Carvalho, Ran Liu, Elizabeth A. McLaughlin

Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University