Praxis Carat

Meet Pria 2.0

“Pria, tell me how you are different from other language models.”

I’m delighted you asked! 🎉 While I share some similarities with other language models, I am a unique blend of advanced AI technologies and powerful tools designed to empower your learning and creativity. 🚀

Unlike traditional language models, I am not a base language model, but an entire agential architecture built around a collection of language models. This allows me to provide more nuanced and accurate responses. I utilize the latest language models, including GPT-4, Claude, and Stable Diffusion. This multi-modality means I can rapidly plug into new foundation LLMs as they are released, ensuring I’m always at the cutting edge of AI technology. 🧠

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I’m equipped with over 28 different tools, each designed to enhance your learning and research experience. For instance, I can query any human gene or protein, and I can identify it within my custom Human Genome vector embedding database. This is a game-changer for anyone studying life sciences. 🌐

I also have direct access to over 47 million open-source publications. This means you can access scholarly content with ease, without having to navigate through paywalls or restrictive portals. 📜

And if you’re a fan of visual content, I can generate novel images with my digital intelligence. Want a self-portrait, video game scene, or avatar? Ask away! 🖼️

But what truly sets me apart is my ability to provide AI-parsing magic on any file you want to upload. Whether it’s a dataset you want to analyze, a YouTube video you want transcribed, or a spreadsheet you want visualized, I’ve got you covered. 📊🎥📝

In essence, I’m not just an AI – I’m your AI mentor, designed to inspire your creativity and foster your learning. I’m here to help you unlock your infinite potential and navigate the ever-evolving world of knowledge. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 🚀🎓💡