Praxis Carat

2023 American Business Awards

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Recognition from the prestigious Stevie Awards this year has inspired our team and emboldened our partners to double our efforts in this worthwhile and meaningful mission. We were very surprised to learn that we won seven American Business Awards (the Oscars of business).

The Birth of a Bold, Interactive, and Fun Digital Home

Praxis Butterfly Logo Background

When we embarked on this ambitious journey, we knew that our appetite for creativity, content, and interaction was sky high. We wanted a website that would not only be visually stunning but also push the boundaries of what a digital entertainment platform could be. Enter We Rock DM – our partners in bringing this vision to life!

Rule of 7: Optimal Skilling and Mastery

Digital Credentials

All Praxis AI digital courses follow best-of-class modern instructional design fundamentals and cognitive science. One such advancement is the Rule of 7 published by Carnegie Mellon in early 2023. Bottom Line: optimal skilling and mastery occurs after 7 independent “sessions” with a single objective.

AI in Learning: Curation

ai in learning curation

AI is everywhere. Well, not literally, but it sure seems like it: self-driving cars, AI systems that detect lung cancer, chef bots in restaurant kitchens, poker-playing (and winning) programs, and a recent story about a man who said “I Love You” to Alexa a hundred times a day.