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Praxis AI selected to participate in global AWS Education Accelerator

Praxis AI will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to power AI Mentor Pria, courseware and more.

Pleasanton, CA (January 11, 2024) — Praxis AI today announced it has been selected to participate in the global AWS Education Accelerator, a 10-week immersive experience for global EdTech startups that want to accelerate their go-to-market activities in the United States for the PK-12, higher education, and workforce education markets. Praxis AI is one of 15 EdTech startups selected from a field of over 1500 applicants to participate in the technical, business, and mentorship program which is designed for startups seeking to use cloud technology to improve data-driven education. This opportunity will support Praxis AI’s efforts to the promise of AI to higher education with Pria, a generative AI mentor powered by 28 trusted, vetted sources to eliminate hallucinations and reduce bias.

Participating startups receive a package of benefits, including up to $100,000 in AWS computing credits. They’ll also receive individualized business and technical mentorship which will cover topics such as funding, scaling, go-to-market support, AWS technical fundamentals, AI/ML adoption, and much more. At the end of the 10 weeks, the cohort will participate in a virtual pitch event in collaboration with OMNIA Partners, an experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement.

Praxis AI is transforming the way students learn through the power of artificial intelligence. Students change and grow together in a safe, virtual environment leveraging trusted and vetted AI-powered learning resources, hands-on labs, and collaboration. Founded by a veteran EdTech entrepreneur, a university Bioinformatics professor and Silicon Valley engineer, Praxis AI is built on a foundation of vision, purpose and a scalable platform to bring the best of AI to higher education and workforce development in an ethical way.

“We’re blown away to be one of the 1% of applicants selected for this program. Praxis AI is proud of what we’ve been able to do to bring the promise of AI to life for thousands of students,” said David James Clarke IV, Praxis AI CEO. “We’re just scratching the surface but things like Clemson University students using Pira in Bio Hackathons and our partnership with Alabama State University were especially rewarding as we work to bring the benefits of AI to Higher Education and Workforce Education.”

“After spending a year optimizing Pria and our tech stack, AWS is at the core of everything we do. They give us reliability, flexibility and, most importantly, scale,” said Hugo Lebegue, Praxis AI CTO. “Being selected to participate in the global AWS Education Accelerator couldn’t have come at a better time for Praxis AI.”

For more information on this AWS Education Accelerator, click here.