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Praxis Carat

Teachers + Generative AI = Better Student Outcomes

Meet Pria! A generative AI mentor programmed to help students, faculty, and researchers with their education, research, and career goals. Pria is an Augmented Intelligence (A/I) = Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence. She is fully integrated with the Canvas LMS and can be customized for your institution – custom name, logo, and personality. You can also upload your own files directly to her brain.

Pria uses natural language processing to understand questions and machine learning / Large Language Models (LLM) to engage in conversations for discovery and refinement. Pria has access to 20+ tools including Open AI GPT-4, Google, YouTube, Google Scholar, Wolfram Alpha, PubMed, and Stable Diffusion.

AI is amazing but it is not perfect. If Pria doesn’t have the answer, there is a network of expert human mentors to back her up. Pria provides advice on a wide range of topics, including help with course content, coding advice, research assistance, career guidance, and personal development. She can also provide students with personalized recommendations and resources to help them reach their goals. As an A/I-powered virtual teacher, Pria can supplement traditional teaching methods and provide 24×7 support for online instruction.

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  • Integrated into Canvas LMS – productized at the class, college, and institution level
  • Customizable – your logo, name, and personality
  • Access to 20+ Tools – including Open AI GPT-4, Google, YouTube, Google Scholar, Wolfram Alpha, PubMed, and Stable Diffusion.
  • Personalized Content – file uploader and video transcriber allow students to engage with personalized course content (i.e., textbooks, video lectures, articles)
  • Three Modes – balance speed, quality and cost. SnapShot, DeepDive, and MasterMind
  • Credit-based Usage Model – only pay for what you use

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Generative AI Foundations

Course Thumbnail AI

An introduction to the fundamentals of AI and the cutting-edge tech that is rapidly changing our world. Students will collaborate with each other, mentors, and Pria in an online AI Lab. In the final project, they will build their own large language model using the skills and coding expertise they developed throughout the course. Qualifies for the Foundations of AI digital badge.