Praxis Carat

Learning Solutions Strategy

We worked with Praxis AI to help us to develop our digital learning solutions strategy and toolkit in 2020-2021. While working with David James Clarke IV and Dr. Alex Feltus, they put inconsiderable effort in understanding our needs, were creative in their solutions and are professional in their work. They have a skillful way of engaging people, motivating them, and getting their commitment. It is a pleasure to work with a team who continuously strive to offer you the best.

Nesreen Al-Khammash

Programme Manager, Capacity Building
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Research Education

I have been working with Dr. Feltus’ group at Clemson since they were kind enough to attend my kidney cancer hackathon in 2018. Their initial work helped link my cancer to thyroid cancer. Their 2020 work allowed me to amplify very small datasets using GAN (“ChatGPT-like”) methods.”

Their GAN work has also allowed me to improve the cancer research process itself by treating research teams as ensembles of classifiers.

Finally, and most importantly, they’ve been with me since the very early days of my effort. I look forward to helping them with their latest endeavor: Gamifying research education.

Bill Paseman


Game Changer

I’ve been using PRAXIS AI with my graduate Biomedical Science students to introduce and apply Bioinformatics methods to their projects, including cancer, infectious disease, and health disparities research. PRAXIS has been a game changer for our graduate students and has effectively accelerated their coding and informatics analysis skills.

Siddharth Pratap, MS PhD

Associate Professor
Director: Bioinformatics + Proteomics Care
Meharry Medical College | School of Medicine

Opportunity & Enduring Partnerships

Our partnership with Praxis AI has afforded the opportunity for AAMU students to develop valuable skills in coding and performing bioinformatic analyses using step-by-step learning paths that are both in-depth and easy to follow.

This exposure has opened their eyes to career disciplines that they were previously unaware of and increased their marketability. I think the mutual commitment to provide opportunity and build enduring partnerships is vital to address participation challenges across all STEM fields.

Tyesha L. Farmer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Genetics
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Alabama A&M University

Cutting-Edge Technology

Today’s graduates need to be highly educated, highly skilled, and high tech. They need to do more than follow instructions, they must independently think, act, reflect, innovate, pivot, and come up with solutions and new ideas. Praxis AI embodies the power of transformation through their innovative use of cloud native technologies coupled with experiential learning with complex data.

Praxis AI technology stack leverages cutting-edge technology and unleashes the imaginative process that produces outcomes that are original. I was amazed at their ability to take complex data sets and turn them into actionable insights that enabled students to deliver tangible results to real world problems. Praxis AI tutorials are able to take complex concepts and distill them down into simple, easy-to-understand explanations and work-along examples, making the material accessible to STEM and non-STEM faculty and students.

As CIO of Alabama A&M University and Meharry Medical College, I have worked with Praxis AI to train faculty and conduct Hackathons. Their approach to experiential learning is truly unique, and I would highly recommend Praxis AI to anyone looking to unlock the natural creativity of students. Thank you, Praxis AI, for a job well done!

Damian Clarke, Ph.D.

VP, Technology Services
Alabama State University

Hands-On Opportunity

Bioinformatics may sound very intimidating, but the Praxis AI Company was able to provide resources and skills through a structured environment that made the learning process very straightforward and easy to follow.

The courses are organized with learning paths which provide a step-by-step method in understanding the importance of informatics in biology as well as medicine.   Also, the virtual labs within these learning paths provide a unique “hands-on” opportunity to apply bioinformatics skills.

Christopher L. Farrell

Professor, Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences
School of Pharmacy | Presbyterian College