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Praxis Mission: to democratize access to skills, resources, and AI for the purpose of solving some of the world’s toughest challenges.

You Can Become a Change Agent for Good – One of nature’s greatest examples of positive change is the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Together, we can collaborate to end cancer, grow the food supply, and improve climate resilience

Praxis is the Catalyst for Personal Metamorphosis – the Praxis AI LXP and Pria AI Mentor combine to create a digital cocoon where you can nurture your new skills, participate in meaningful research, and earn credentials.

Change Begins with You – It is time for you to learn, apply, validate, discover, and earn to become the best version of yourself! If not now … when?

Transform Yourself. Change the World!


Praxis AI solutions accomplish sustained personal and global change by empowering underserved students (HBCU and AIHEC, for example) with experiential online science education and data-intensive research. At the heart of the programs are digital credentials, employment assistance, and the popular BioHackers podcast.

Praxis AI is an award-winning digital education & research company dedicated to solving many of the world’s toughest problems, including climate change, inequality in education, cancer, hunger, cultural resilience, and global digital transformation. In 2022, Praxis AI won three Stevie AwardsTM including Startup of the Year, Educator of the Year (Alex Feltus), and the nation’s best hackathon for the Meharry Paseman Cancer BioHackathon.

Founded in 2019, Praxis AI has revolutionized learning at several U.S. universities, built a virtual institute for indigenous health research, designed a Digital Learning standard for the International Standards Organization (ISO), educated thousands of students, and hosted several cancer BioHackathons.

From a technology perspective, Praxis AI pioneered the application and integration of AI and machine learning into a single, cohesive educational experience, including curation, assessment, mentoring, hands-on labs, research, and workforce enablement. In addition, the company has incorporated cloud-based supercomputing, asynchronous learning journeys, synchronous virtual classrooms, and social collaboration for the purpose of skilling, research, and workforce development.

praxis butterfly

From an operations perspective, the self-funded Praxis AI team comprises ed tech innovators, world-class engineers, and award-winning professors while connecting education institutions, government agencies (NSF and NIH), and employers with cohorts of underserved, amazing, smart students. The Praxis AI-powered Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is hosted in a highly secure, global cloud.

Praxis AI is a sustainable, mission-driven, technology and service organization.

Meet The Team

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Alex Feltus, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist Officer

Alex is a world-renowned professor and researcher in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, cyberinfrastructure, high-performance computing, network biology, tumor biology, agrigenomics, genome assembly, systems genetics, paleogenomics, and bioenergy feedstock genetics. As Chief Science Officer of Praxis AI, he runs the Praxis Open Discovery (POD) labs and drives product innovation, data-intensive computing research, and biohackathons.

Alex received a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Auburn University in 1992, served two years in the Peace Corps in the Fiji Islands, and then completed advanced training in biomedical sciences at Vanderbilt and Emory. Currently, Feltus is Professor in Clemson University’s Dept. of Genetics & Biochemistry.

Feltus has published over one-hundred scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, released open-source software, and taught undergrad and PhD students in bioinformatics, biochemistry, and genetics. Alex’s work has been cited over 10,000 times. He is funded by multiple NSF grants and is engaged in tethering together extremely smart people from diverse technical backgrounds to propel genomics research from the Excel-scale into the Exascale.



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David James Clarke IV

Global Managing Partner

David has been a digital learning pioneer for more than 25 years. As Global Managing Partner of Praxis AI, he leads a world-class team of ed tech innovators, talented engineers, and award-winning professors in a mission to connect education institutions, non-profit stakeholders (NSF and NIH), and employers with cohorts of underserved, amazing, smart students (aka, BioHackers). He is also best-selling author, patented Innovator, podcaster, and genetics graduate from the University of California, Berkeley.

David works with the executive leadership of educational institutions and Fortune 500 enterprises to drive their strategic digital transformation initiatives. To meet clients’ rapidly evolving digital needs, he has always kept at the leading edge of innovation. Driven by a passion for helping students achieve their dreams and enterprises engage and retain talent, Clarke was the primary architect of the Praxis LXP. The platform integrates AI and machine learning into a single, cohesive educational experience, including curation, assessment, mentoring, hands-on labs, research, and workforce enablement.

David’s track record of success includes numerous projects that have helped some of the world’s largest companies and learning institutions achieve measurable results using innovative digital learning products and the Praxis LXP platform.



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Reed Bender

Coding and AI

Reed is a computational biologist and data engineer who specializes in leveraging artificial intelligence to understand networked interactions within biological systems. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Data Science from Clemson University, he went on to pursue drug research and development.

As the hype around artificial intelligence accelerated, he decided to leave this role to build tools at the intersection of biological research and software engineering. Reed’s primary focus now is to help students and researchers leverage the magic of AI through personalized applications.

Reed’s personal mission is to understand how the structure of informational networks leads to the emergence of complex systems. In studying the similarities between neural networks, genetics, neuroanatomy, and computer engineering, Reed has developed a unique breadth of knowledge that helps him to create technologies across an array of different niches. He is also a yoga and breathwork instructor, podcaster, photographer, and curious tinkerer.”


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Ian Hendershot

Learning Solutions

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