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American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)

Praxis AI built the Aseto’ne Virtual Institute for indigenous health research and cultural resilience in collaboration with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC). Aseto’ne is a Cheyenne word meaning “growth and taking first steps”.

Over a 10-week online program in the Praxis AI platform, tribal college students explore native health research and connect with mentors and each other. All from an indigenous perspective.

Praxis AI is honored to empower virtual STEM courses at GSSM as its students embrace the school’s rigorous approach to education and in so doing begin to realize their full potential. Following is a list of the Praxis AI courses currently being offered at GSSM:

Each student is enrolled in one of three programs: Fire Keeper, Smudge Keeper, or Medicine Shield. Each learning journey is organized into six learning paths covering 20 lessons. This equates to roughly 2 ½ hours per week for Fire Keeper. The other two programs are half as much. There are several different types of learning resources in the Aseto’ne Virtual Institute: reading assignments, videos, quizzes, discussions, and mentoring sessions.

Once students complete the program, they earn an Aseto’ne digital badge. This is a very valuable credential to showcase their new healthcare research skills. When they click on a skill in the badge platform, it lists available jobs in that area. Graduates are encouraged to share their new digital achievements with friends and family using social media. It is a great way to celebrate their new career.

Refer to the video orientation below for more information.

Aseto’ne Virtual Institute Orientation