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Avaya Spaces Learning

Built on the Avaya Spaces platform, the Praxis Spaces Learning solution combines asynchronous digital learning (allowing students to view coursework at any time) with synchronous video conferencing and collaboration tools (where students are required to login and participate at a specific time) to create a virtual classroom.

Several education and enterprise institutions have used Spaces Learning for onboarding and reskilling their students and employees. Avaya themselves uses Spaces Learning to onboard their new technology employees as part of the Technology Academy Program.

Spaces Learning unifies content, collaboration, and experiential learning in a way that engages learners and increases the effectiveness of onboarding, upskilling, and reskilling initiatives. The LXP is robust, adaptable, and increases learner engagement – leading to better training outcomes.

Through their growing partnership, Praxis AI and Avaya have collaborated to bring the following key value points to their joint customers and partners:

  • Collaborative: Collaborative Labs and Virtual Classroom sessions empower community among learners
  • Personalized: Adaptive learning saves time and motivates learners by focusing on their skills gaps
  • Experiential: Workgroups – Hands-on Virtual Labs – Simulations – develop & reinforce new skills
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