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Your career path is at the core of everything we do at Praxis AI. Curricula must be in alignment with the needs of your industry. One of the biggest concerns in dynamic technology sectors is that learned skills are stale upon graduation. Not here! Our immersive content is constantly tuned with a balance of technology, workflows, and necessary theory to be maximally aligned with the needs of the professional workforce.

We harmonize with the workforce through our multidisciplinary professional network and AI-powered employment mining.

The Praxis LXP is optimized to quickly level-up to the needs of open positions. Once we know what the workforce demands, we update and build new courses to facilitate workforce-relevant, computationally-enabled knowledge transfer through hands-on lab activities, hackathons, and practice. Our hands-on computational labs using real computational systems, real datasets, and real computational workflows. We provide evidence of skilling with digital badges and research products.

Our talented team of employment experts in Workforce Enablement will help you earn your stripes and land your dream job in biotechnology, academia, artificial Intelligence, bioinformatics, data science, biomedical science, agricultural genomics, and more.

Praxis Placement Agency (PPA)

Praxis AI is in tune with what the industry is looking for in data-enabled talent. Our network is empowered by decades of experience working with researchers and technologists across academic institutions, private companies, and the government sector.

  • If you have the talent, we will help you find your dream job through the Praxis Placement Agency (PPA).
  • If you need talent, we will connect you with the perfectly skilled Praxis graduate.
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Praxis Careers

Praxis Cancer Transcriptomics Careers 1

Cancer Transcriptomics

Cancer transcriptomics is a rapidly growing field of bioinformatics that focuses on the analysis of gene expression patterns in cancer cells. This field combines knowledge from molecular biology, genetics, and computer science to analyze large datasets and generate new insights.

Praxis Bioinformatics Careers


Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology, computer science, and statistics to study biological data using computational methods. It plays a crucial role in advancing our understanding of biological systems and developing new treatments for diseases.

Praxis AI Data Science Careers

AI & Data Science

Artificial intelligence and data science are interdisciplinary fields that involve the use of advanced computational methods and algorithms to make predictions, automate tasks, and extract insights and knowledge from complex data. Overall, there are many exciting career opportunities in the field of AI and data science.

Praxis Conservation Genomics Careers

Conservation Genomics

Conservation Genomics is a field that combines genetics, ecology, and conservation biology to understand the genetic basis of biological diversity and inform conservation management decisions. It offers a diverse range of career paths, with opportunities in academia, government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

Praxis Game Design Careers

Game Design

Game design is a multi-disciplinary field that involves the creation and development of games, including video games, board games, and card games. Game designers work collaboratively to create engaging, fun, and challenging games that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.